Christian apologetics ministry WALKS AWAY from YouTube to join instead

The constant struggle to keep the tech overlords at YouTube from censoring and removing its video content has driven Christian apologetics ministry Truth: The Objective Reality (TTOR) to utilize the platform instead.

In a recent video update posted to, TTOR co-founder Justin Derby explains how he finally reached a breaking point after several years of dealing with the bullies over at YouTube who were insistent upon making sure TTOR content was inaccessible to viewers.

“I’ve been telling you for months that there could come a day when I get so fed up with YouTube censorship that I would just up and leave the platform,” Derby tells his viewing audience in the video clip.

“Well, that day has come,” he adds. “I’m a man of my word, [and] after talking about it with John Chambers (TTOR’s other co-founder), we’ve decided that TTOR is packing its bags and walking away from YouTube.”

You can watch the full video clip at below:

“Alt-tech” has restored TTOR’s freedom to publish uncensored video content

In revealing this transition, Derby refers to alternative video sites like, as well as a few others that he and Chambers chose to utilize, as “alt-tech” – meaning, alternative technology that isn’t bound by political correctness.

Derby is correct in this assessment, as represents a free and open platform for people like himself to share their views without facing negative repercussions. His videos at won’t be censored, removed, altered, or targeted in any way because that’s not how we operate.

He also uses the term “walk away” to describe TTOR’s departure from YouTube – a reference to the more well-known #WalkAway campaign started by liberal-turned-conservative gay man Brandon Straka, whose story you can read more about at

“It’s been quite the journey in the three years and two months that TTOR’s YouTube channel was uploading videos. But every journey has an end, and the end has come,” Derby says.

“I’ve been saying for a while that the alt-tech is the future of TTOR, and now that transition is complete. YouTube was the last mainstream platform that I was using for TTOR’s ministry, and now we are full-on alt-tech.”

You can learn more about Derby and Chambers’ TTOR ministry by visiting their website

SGT Report: another victim of YouTube oppression and censorship that switched to

YouTube has engaged in similar truth suppression against SGT Report, an independent news channel that says it like it is without political correctness.

SGT Report told Natural News recently that it’s entire YouTube channel was terminated without justification, resulting in the channel losing a substantial amount of revenue, not to mention viewership.

This is why SGT Report similarly launched its own channel at as well, which is gaining many new viewers with each passing day.

With soon-to-be-launched features like subscription options and RSS feeds, stands to rival YouTube in the not-too-distant future. It’s already launching more than 250 new channels daily, and serving up more than one million video minutes each each – with much more on the way.

“As YouTube and other tech giants continue to accelerate their malicious silencing of independent media voices, the mass exodus away from globalist-controlled platforms will only accelerate, leading to the rapid growth of alternative platforms like, which is already capable of serving one billion video views per month,” says Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

For more eye-opening news about how tech giants like YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many others are actively censoring free speech online, be sure to check out

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